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A blend of award winning 95/5 Rye mash bill aged minimum 4 years in #3 char American oak barrels; blended with 22% light and heavy Rum aged minimum 8 years in #2 char ex-bourbon barrels with staves of new charred American Oak. Young and peppery, this Tommy Bahama Rye brings a spicy splash to any cocktail.


93 Proof / 46.5% ALC/VOL


Rye Whisky with a Rum finish.

Tasting Notes

Young and peppery, this rye brings a spicy splash to any cocktail.

Master Distiller's Notes

Rye is the spiciest of the whisky’s. Rye is a survivor, as a grain it can thrive in poor soil conditions, as a spirit, nearly extinct after prohibition. I discovered Rye years ago and became acquainted with its dry character and intrepid personality. This survival spirit continues to provide me with inspiration as it should you. I bring the blend of historic Tommy Bahama Rye together with unique Rums to pay homage to tropical horizons yet to be conquered. This spirit makes the perfect cocktail as you sit on the Island of your Life; Mix one, sit back, contemplate life, love and always Sip the Island Life.

Tommy Bahama Rye Whisky


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